Inspired by nature
    Bridging environmental concern and business practices with natural imagery, we strive to help our customers personalize their living spaces with art that speaks to their environmental sensibilities. All work is hand made in our Lewisville Ohio studio by Mary and Jeremy. Occasionally we are assisted by our dog and four cats.  Many of the leaves used to imprint our work come from our organic garden. Others are collected as we travel the  art show circuit around the country. We are dedicated to creating unique gift items and home d├ęcor from recycled and environmentally sustainable materials. We seek to produce high quality work that is both good for the environment and for the individual purchasing our work. All of our glazes are food safe.

    We are an environmentally friendly studio. The waste clay and glaze are collected and added back into new material this continual process means that there is almost no waste generated by our two primary materials. To further our mission as a green business we recycle materials from other local businesses. Wood used in frames and boxes comes from a cabinet shop,  paper comes from a printing company  and we reuse all our peanuts and boxes that we receive.  The copper  wire of the leaf stems comes as scrap from construction and renovations.

    Our tiles can be used decoratively, as trivets or coasters and used in tile installations. Our imagery is derived  from a wide variety of botanical impressions, ocean life and the occasional plaster carving of an insect. Custom orders are always welcome. We can produce entire jobs or accent tile only. Our tiles can be sized to fix your specific application. We also create large multiple tile images for use as focal Points in large installations. Our tiles are made with a cone six stoneware clay body finished with translucent glazes to allow all the detail of our botanical Impressions to be clearly visible. The translucent glaze makes it an ideal accent for use with glass tile.